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About Us

Welcome to VASU GROUP of Pharmaceutical Distributors, a name that is built upon pillars of Trust, Promptness, Quality Assurance and Reliability in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Vasu Group is the biggest leading pharmaceutical distribution company with 25 years of experience in the field of medicine distribution of reputed manufacturers. Located in the heart of the city of Hyderabad at Himayat Nagar we are easily accessible to our clients from all corners of the city.

No matter what, we don’t compromise on quality of medicine distribution as it serves and saves one’s life.

Vasu Group is an established organization in the pharmaceutical distribution field with its operations marked out exclusively for the city of Hyderabad. Having trust among our clientele, we have carved a niche in the regional pharmaceutical distribution domain. With unmatched Customer Service, Professionalism & Innovation, we have established a benchmark for service and operations in the regional Pharma Distribution industry and we take pride in announcing that the same elements are our strength and driving force.


At Vasu Group, we offer Pharma Distribution to more than 2000 retailers across Hyderabd, and the same is an ever growing phenomenon. Reputed semi/corporate hospitals, organized retail chain & Govt. institutions are also brought under this cover. We offer the best of our services to our customers at all times and our tech-savvy approach equips us to serve the rising customer base with ease and expertise.

Role of IT

The management team of Vasu Group has always looked ahead of the times. This revolutionary outlook made the company foresee the role of technology in pharmaceutical distribution at times when the idea was even thought of. Bejgam Bhannumurthy and his team looked at the anarchy prevailing in the Pharma distribution in the industry and in order to smoothen the company’s day–to-day operations we have adopted the use of Information Technology.

aving been streamlined dispensing system, Vasu Group has ventured into tie ups with Nationwide Pharmaceuticals. This has proved out to be a distinctive edge for Vasu Group as a first of its kind in the history of Indian pharmaceutical distribution. Operations were computerized and all transactions are made through the IT route. Efficient use of Information Technology has revolutionized the entire working style at Vasu Group with all the activities from product procuring to final distribution being computerized, using the latest software, As a part of the company’s initiative to adopt the latest technology, Vasu Group regularly invests in software updation. The company has switched from a DOS-based system to customized software based on Microsoft Windows. The streamlined operations at Vasu Group has not only impressed the distribution industry, but also major financial institutions who are more than eager to offer financing options. Over the years, Vasu Group has become a pioneer in the Pharma Distribution industry in and around the city of Hyderabad

Vasu Group is classified into four main segments:






Vasu group is spread into four segments only to serve its clients in a far better way and to make itself easily accessible to its clients.

Today we take pride in claiming that we stand in the fore front of pharmaceutical distributors far ahead of our competitors in terms of reliability.

The Past:

Originated humbly under the banner of Vasu Medical & General Stores, today VASU GROUP has carved a niche of its own in terms of quality and reliability as the time rolled by with a team of well trained employees.

Must we to say about Vasu Group the key person behind this is Mr. Bhanu Murthy, a dynamic, visionary and a built upon faith personality. VASU GROUP was the brain child of Mr. Bhanu Murthy who started in the year 1985 at a tender age of 21years when a person hardly knows what business actually is with the title Vasu Medical & General stores with a meager capital of Rs. 10,000.  Have we to owe today our sincere regards it was the inspiration taken up from SRI Gudala Krishnamurthy Garu  (SAI PHARMA DISTRIBUTORS) a that bore fruit of Vasu Medical & General Stores.

In making the dream of growing into a mighty business a reality, Mr. Bhanu Murthy was joined by Mr. Ramesh, his brother at the age of 16 and as the business advanced, it required more hands to a magnify when it was joined by Mr. Srinivas, a B. Tech Graduate who was persuading a job then and the expansion process went on to the state of being today.

We take pride in disclosing that our continuous urge for new tie ups ensures us not only the quality of medicine but also all variants in parent medicine. Our thirst for quality service enabled us to carve our own niche to legacy.

Our customers are satisfied and are in continuous harmony with us round the year. This has brought us new customers galore.

The Present:

Making true that all the mighty rivers have a humble beginning, the humble beginning by Mr. Bhanu Murthy led to an expansion process with the partnership of his kin into the organization and flourished into a mighty Pharmaceutical Distributors in and around the city of Hyderabad. Today, Mr. Bhanu Murthy owes his success to his strong conviction of “learning” the concept of business as the very word comes with the built in meaning of ‘earning’ and after all, it is always true that “a man is by what he believes.” Of course, it is needless to mention that the elements of hardwork and dedication appended the indomitable spirit of conviction.

Besides, at Vasu Group we extend our distribution services to more than 2000 retailers across the twin cities. We have gone ahead in tying up with the corporate hospitals and Government Medical institutions as well. Today, we are proud to proclaim that we have tens of thousands of happy customers in and around Hyderabad.

With the technical support and computerization that we adopted, we have gone par excellent in raising the invoice and the delivery of the product to the retailers the same day. Our adaptability of techno savvy attitude to growing needs and demands of the circumstances enabled us to achieve this.

Today Vasu Group is very delighted to celebrate 2010 as its SILVER JUBILEE YEAR 2010 of its foundation as it celebrates its foundation day with all its employees as a big family equivalent to saying Vasu’s Family.

Our future statement:

Vasu Group very well knows that the future is technology oriented and needs to be updated.  We are a committed firm in the field of Pharma Distribution and shall continue to be the so in the same field with rejuvenated spirit and zeal. Our future plans include the entire transfiguration of the firm with absolute computer technology to ensure a fine quality of service from time to time as well to enhance our way of working hereafter. This would enable our tie ups with MNCs more bright and enable us to be more up to date in our procurement of the medicine and to dispense the same.

We would like to continue to update as well to upgrade to new philosophies in our marketing strategies and make our customers savour the fruits of our labour and industry in reaching them with more improvised services. Our continuous quest for Trust, Promptness, Quality Assurance and Reliability shall continue in the years to come and we deem the same shall exalt the company on to the ladder of success and would let all our competitors left behind obsolete.


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