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 At Vasu Group we have the state of the art of infrastructure to cater to the needs of the effective Pharma Distribution in all respects. We make all the efforts to ensure the quality of the medicines we distribute are in good shape and reach the destination in the same absolute to the end user.

With 22000 Sq. Ft. building in Himayat Nagar with five floors devoted to the five units of Vasu Group we pledge to have effective dispatch of the drugs and make the customer feel at ease to reach us quickly.

With the 2400Sq Ft. carpet area of the M.D. Chamber is offers a homely ambience to close warm deals for the new and existing clients from time to time. The cozy and corporate look of the chamber certainly extends a cordial welcome to all those who seek business opportunity with Vasu Group.

 The dispatch area with an ample space for lodging medicines for dispatch ensures the quick dispensing the medicines to the customers who seek us even on urgent basis.

Having   two large cold rooms to keep the medicines round the clock 24/7 below 25Cwith a 24 hour back up ensures the quality of medicines all time. This reflects our philosophy of quality of the medicine to disburse each time.

With 45 Computers all in LAN ensures quick addressing of the issues and proper functioning of the matters and billing with much ease.

Our Hi tech Conference Hall extends a warm welcome to all the delegates from all the Corporate Companies to come to us to strike healthy deals and to reach consensus and to tie up with us.


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