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1.Critical Care Medicine: Vasu Group is a trusted name in prompt distribution of critical Care Medicine even at the door step. We have specialized personnel who cater to this exclusive service round the clock to ensure recovery of the patient ailing with chronic and urgent medical attention disease.

2. Same Day Delivery: Vasu Group has an exclusive feature of delivering the ordered medicine with in the same day to ensure prompt services to all our retailers. We have a work force that takes care of the same day delivery medicine to build trust among our retailers and clients.

3. Online Billing: (starts from end of 2011)
Our online billing feature ensures comfort to our clients to pay their bills with much ease and comfort right from their office/home. Thanks to the technology and our adaptability to the update ourselves to the recent developments.

Exclusive Features
  • Commission system to the sales personnel
  • Awards to sales persons to encourage them
  • Bio metric attendance system
  • Two wheelers 150 sales team
  • 4 autos for effective transit
  • 2 mobiles for each sales persons for good communications
  • Dress code to the staff
  • Door step delivery – critical care medicine
  • More than 120 sales persons
  • Same day delivery
  • 93% stock maintenance
  • Time to time settlement of expiries stock
  • Health card for all staff
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Sending gifts and greetings to all the retailers
  • Online billing to the customers
  • Product lists given in the form of CD to all clients to know the product info
  • Regular feed back
  • Consistently maintaining a growth of 20 to 25% every year, while the Industry growth is 8 to 10%.

·  Invested for 2 walk-in cold rooms for the cold storage management.
·  Entire sales force connected with mobile network to ease the operations & instant availability to retailers..
·  Unique product list distributed to all retailers periodically
·  Largest corporate distribution house
·  Biometric Attendance access control system.
·  Regular market feedback by a qualified separate team of people.
·  Sending cards to our customers, greeting them on special occasions .
·  Acceptance of online payment for our customers.


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